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With much and drastic change in apparel designs and the tastes of the consumers, getting only to some basic items by operation does not EXIST in consolidating the business of apparel industry. Prioritizing this concept,  HandOverTex is open to all types of apparel customers with their distinguished items presented to us for costing, and sampling with much care of the quality standard determination of each item.  ‘DEEDS NOT WORDS’ is what we are encompassed with for our dedication to the decoration of every piece of garment for how our valued customers want us to make exactly with what type of fabric and accessories are needed by them

Best Fashion Wear Solution since 2012..

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Design and fashion go simultaneously with their demand increased and changed every moment for the distinguished fashion lovers. No matter what our customers want, we have been concentrating on their design and workmanship to make a perfect form of a garment in whatever styles: shirts , blouses, shorts, jackets, etc. we are called off to make. We believe development and marketing are pivotal to a business.

Best Fashion Wear Solution since 2012..


Upon query receipt, we are going through each point to reply our client for getting exact information especially of 

  1.  Fabric
  2.  Garment style
  3.  Spec sheet
  4. Accessories

If just a sketch is to be asked by the client to follow in sampling without any original garment, with our technical experts, we are making the garment as Proto or styling with as much knowledge as we can understand by looking at the sketch to send to the buyer for their comments on

  • Workmanship
  • Spec

Before or after the Proto sample is made, we have been quoting price for that style with same construction of the required fabric by the customer subject to the availability of the greige yarn. Honoring  our customers, we are into the highest consideration mentality of price negotiation with the buyers with our directly strong sources of each manufacturer from sewing items like Main Label, Size Label, Care Label, Button, Zipper, Sewing Thread to finishing items like Hang Tag, UPC Sticker, Individual Poly, Blister Poly, Silica Gel, Carton, etc. In a word, we are a bridge between an apparel importer and an apparel exporter. With purchase order matured, we are providing the customers with production lead time as
                                                  Fabric : production 60-80 days
                                                  Sailing + housing : 30-40 days
                                                  Garments production: 40-60 days (Subject to Quantity).

Operation: Production

‘No compromise in quality’ is what we are grounded on and to make it more sure our service is involved in each and every piece of development from accessories to fabric. We have been monitoring the development of each item with much care with our manpower engaged for right quality of the product.  We examine right quality of paper for hang tag with required GSM, labels of satin quality , woven quality etc.,  button with pearl quality, horn quality , melamine quality, snaps with pearl quality, metal quality, zipper with nylon quality, vislon quality, metal quality, and such. What we feel, our customer is our soul with us the body to make something combined with labour and beauty.

Our operation is continuous by virtue of

  1.  Mailing communication
  2.  Physical monitoring
    First, with our designing expert, we make layout of every relevant sewing and finishing item to send to the buyer for layout approval. After the approval of each layout, we have been developing them to submit to the buyers for bulk approval.


To begin, before we make any garment, say, Proto , Salesmen, etc., we have been questioning the customers for

  1.  Workmanship
  2.  Spec

If no spec is to be given to us with a new styling by the customers, we are making the spec by ourselves to send to the buyers for approval. After our generated spec is approved, we start making the required samples in size Larger (L) for Men’s and Medium (M) for Ladies’.

With sample made, our quality controller has been checking the sample in workmanship and spec for the accuracy of the garment to send to the buyers for FIT approval.

After the Proto / Fit sample is approved, we are focusing on PP making with each actual item from fabric to accessories. The Preproduction sample approval is a gateway to production of mass garment. Keeping this notion in our brain and mind, we are on checklist to each and every item of the PP making materials so that its making can be as right and standard as is demanded by our customer

Before garments production is started, by procedure, to check pattern upon accuracy by size grading, we let the designated factory make size set for each colour and each size for our final approval of bulk cutting. We check each size and adjust the patterns to the spec points shown over tolerances.

With the Size Set approved, we have been sitting with every production representative of the factory for how beautifully the production garment can be made by following production manual and quality manual supply chain as enclosed.
Our focus is on the production garment with its process started in make section in collar, cuff, band, etc.  What we believe in, we have to see and nurture the seed first for its sprouting to a tree which is nurturing every process of the operation of the output of the shirt. It looks like we have been in close touch with the operators in sewing, packing and finishing so that we can get major defects free garments as any as it should be.
These defects are : puckering at armhole, pockets slanted, band notch poor shape, font hiking, less SPI, pleat at armhole, puckering at bottom hem, etc.
With our much involvedness in production unit by our quality assurance team members with their daily inline report presented to the head of merchandising, there has been maintaining a systematic way of quality check in operation which is determining quality standard goods with quality control report presented to the factory people with their CAP fulfilled accordingly for sure for the goods to be eventually PASSED in the FRI for shipment.
Enclosed is the merchandising flow chart we have made for our order accomplishment by an apparel factory.

Production :

our strategy

Strategy is at the Heart of What We Do

Our team applies its wide-ranging experience to determining the strategies that will best enable our clients to achieve clear, long-term objectives.
Inhouse Development
90 %
qualityful sample making
75 %
extra care work
80 %

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